Why Does The Address Appear as “Fort Walton Beach”?

Okaloosa Island is an unincorporated community in Okaloosa County, Florida. Although Okaloosa Island uses Fort Walton Beach for a mailing address, it is not actually part of the city.

How Large is Okaloosa Island?

Okaloosa Island is 875-acres.

Is Okaloosa Island an Actual Island?

Yes, Okaloosa Island is a barrier island connecting Destin, Florida and Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

There are large areas of Okaloosa Island that are undeveloped. Why is that?

The United States Government owns a large section of Okaloosa Island. Towards the east end of the island there is a Coast Guard station as well as a portion of land owned by Eglin Air Force Base.

I see sand dunes, can I walk on them?

DO NOT walk on the sand dunes. The dunes were created naturally to protect Okaloosa Island and the inland cities from large waves and storm surges. Displacing the sand or damaging the sea oats that grow within the dunes may erode the dunes themselves and put the coast at risk!!