Is Parasailing the Ultimate Beach Activity?

There are plenty of awesome activities to try during your beach vacation. From horseback rides to jet ski rentals, beach vacationers have no shortage of options! But out of all the incredible excursions, which is the best?

Parasailing is an age-old tradition here on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This extreme activity offers breathtaking sights, unmatched thrills, and can even be enjoyed right along with your friends and family! Whether enjoying a day of high-flying happiness in Panama City Beach, or Fort Walton Beach parasailing above the emerald green waters, parasail is a must-try activity during vacation. But is parasailing the ultimate beach activity? Keep reading and decide for yourself!

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1. Stupendous Sightseeing

sightseeing on parasail cruise

One of the coolest aspects of a parasailing tour is the panoramic views! See for miles and miles, or simply look down for unbeatable sights. Capture the coast in its glowing majesty. The buildings, bungalows, and thousands of beach goers look breathtaking from 500ft in the air! The ocean is full of exciting creatures like stingrays, sharks, and dolphins, all clearly visible during your excursion. Few tours offer visitors the same sightseeing potential as parasailing!

2. Terrific Thrills

fort walton beach parasail thrilling

Panama City Beach, Destin, and Fort Walton Beach parasailing tours are a staple of an emerald coast vacation. In other parts of the Gulf Coast, parasailing still remains an unbeatable tour option. Why do people love parasailing so much? It’s easy, they love it for the thrills! Rocket up to 500ft in the air strapped to a massive sail. Throw your hands in the air and let your feet dangle and heart race on this extreme excursion. Roller coasters, bungee jumps, and high-flying swings don’t compare to parasail in sheer velocity and value.

3. Relaxing Cruise

parasailing in fort walton beach

Image by rcyoung

So what do participants do when they’re not actually parasailing? Guests who are either waiting for their turn to parasail, or have already taken their turn, simply enjoy a relaxing boat ride! Enjoy a drink, soak up some rays, and be in the moment during your beach vacation!

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4. Experience with Friends & Family

parasail with friends

A parasail harness can typically accommodate up to 3 flyers at once, sometimes at a discounted rate. This means couples, best friends, siblings, and families can all experience the flight together! What’s better than trying something new with your loved ones?

There is a reason that upon entering most beach destinations, you’ll likely witness dozens of parasail boats towing lucky flyers over the water! Did we convince you that parasailing is the ultimate beach activity? Let us know in the comments!

  1. I’m glad that you mention how parasailing harnesses can accommodate up to three flyers at once so that you can do it with your loved ones. This would be a great way to enjoy the experience together and to have more time to do it. If you want to do this activity, it could help to look online to see if there are any parasailing tours or any other professionals who have all the necessary equipment to give you the experience you want.

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