Crab Island: Why You Need to Be There Right Now

From inflatable parks to jet skis and beyond, Crab Island in the Destin Harbor is the place to be during the summer.

Crab Island is one of the amazing places you can visit in Florida. It offers naturally beautiful and alluring attractions for tourists and travelers. Asides its alluring views, it also has incredible historical accounts. If you are looking for reasons why you should visit Crab Island right now, we enjoin you to read this article for more enlightenment. Let’s begin with the amazing history of Crab Island – an island that isn’t an island!

History of Crab Island

Crab Island is the most popular attraction and local watering site in Destin. The island, located just north of the Destin Bridge, has the semblance of a crab when viewed from the sky. Crab Island is a part of the inlet that connects the Choctawhatchee Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Prior to 1974, the present day location of Crab Island was an island previously called Bird Island by the locals. Bird Island was swallowed up by hurricane Eloise, leaving a crystal clear water island that looks like the shape of a crab amid the deeper, darker waters that surrounded it. After several years, the warm waters became a favorite spot for the locals to anchor their boats and swim in the aquamarine water. Today, Crab Island has become a major tourist attraction in Florida. In fact, a visit to Destin is not complete without spending time at Crab Island.

What There Is to Do At Crab Island

Crab Island: Why You Need to Be There Right Now


There are a host of activities on Crab Island that can make your visit a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Some of the ever delightful activities you can do on the island include: playing water volleyball, inflatable slides and trampolines, Jet Ski and paddleboard rentals. There are also the occasional concerts on a floating stage, floating food vendors as well as floating restaurants. And if you’re looking to have a quiet time on the water while gazing at the sky, there is enough space for you to stay away from the crowd and do your own thing separately.

Aside from the sporting activities and some unique relaxation spots, you can also enjoy great meals from the various floating restaurants on the Island. If you’re a lover of good food, some of the notable floating restaurants you will find on the island are: Helen Back, Chomp N’ Chill, Crab Island Trading Company, Wrap it Up, The Sinkin’ Weenie and Crab Island Online, among others. These floating restaurants offer different food varieties of food including, pizza, boiled peanuts, BBQ sandwiches, candy, ice cream, nachos, chili cheese dogs, burgers, etc. No doubt, a moment in Crab Island is a moment to cherish for a long time.

How to Get to Crab Island

The best way to get to Crab Island is via a rented boat. It is not advisable to attempt swimming through the surrounding deep waters. You can use the Pontoon boat rentals, Jet Ski, as well as those private charters on luxury yachts to convey your family to the island. Once you get to Destin Harbor or nearby Okaloosa Island, you will find boat rentals that will convey you to the island. Both Destin Harbor and Okaloosa Island are just a stone throw away from Crab Island. You can browse our website for more details on Crab Island.

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