Cheap Flights to Okaloosa Island for the Low Budget Traveler

By ground, sea, or air, travel to and from Okaloosa Island has never been cheaper! As the Emerald Coast's popularity grows, as does its travel routes. One of the nation's fastest growing airlines, Allegiant Air, is now offering cheap flights to Okaloosa Island and back from several prominent destinations!

Allegiant Air announced months ago its plan to offer a new set of discount flights from VPS in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Now the time has finally come, and travelers can book cheap flights to Okaloosa Island through this up-and-coming airline!

Cheap travel means extra room in the budget for tours, activities, dining and more. Check out the top Okaloosa Island things to do for your vacation!

In January 2017 Allegiant Air, a self-proclaimed “value airline”, announced plans to triple its existing routes to Northwest Florida. Allegiant chose VPS, the go-to airport for Emerald Coast travel, as its new national hub. Founded in 1997, Allegiant has gained a reputation for no-frills flying at a discount. With originally only 3 destinations offering cheap flights to Okaloosa Island, Allegiant was anxious to invest in the future of the fast-growing beach destination.

Flights (Kansas City) MCI to (Fort Walton Beach) VPS began May 3rd, 2017, and new destinations will be added continually throughout the spring and summer. Rates start as low as $43 for a one way ticket and feature such destinations as Austin, TX, Columbus, OH, and Newark, NJ. For more details or to view current flights visit FlyVPS.

New Allegiant Flights Include:

1. Kansas City, MO – fares as low as $49*
2. Austin, TX – fares as low as $56*
3. Cleveland, OH – fares as low as $42*
4. Louisville, KY – fares as low as $65*
5. Peoria, IL – fares as low as $69*
6. Columbus, OH – fares as low as $65*
7. Springfield, MO – fares as low as $59*
8. Indianapolis, IN – fares as low as $56*
9. Pittsburgh, PA – fares as low as $42*
10. Washington D.C. / Baltimore – fares as low as $59*

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