Kitty Hawk Kites Beach Kite Festival

Float the ocean breeze at the Kitty Hawk Kites Beach Kite Festival!

A FREE two-day affair kite extravaganza is coming to Fort Walton Beach! The Kitty Hawk Kites Beach Kite Festival takes place every April on Okaloosa Island by the Boardwalk! Sponsored by Kitty Hawk Kites, a world-wide name in all things flying, folks can expect to enjoy kites flying up to 100 feet. Soar on over to this special event and bring your friends and family!

Kitty Hawk Kites Beach Kite Festival

“Tiger Shark Kite” by Jack Wolf

Believe it or not, kites play a huge role in our nation’s history and lore. One of our nation’s Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, was said to have discovered electricity when he attached a key to his kite and flew it into the sky during a lightning storm! Wilbur and Orville Wright, the Founding Father’s of modern aviation, were also avid kite flyers. Their passion for flying kites and the curiosity that comes with it equipped them with the necessary skills and technical know-how to create the first airplane!

Demonstrations and lessons are available on site to further add to the draw of the event. Professional kite flyers will be in attendance, and will put on their own spectacles entertaining kite enthusiasts by flying huge kites and pulling off incredible stunts that you have to see to believe! Finally, attendees can also learn how to make their own kites at home. Whether you are a diehard kite enthusiast or someone interested in getting into the fray, this event consistently proves to be a wonderful time year in and year out!

Kitty Hawk Kites Beach Kite Festival Highlights:

  • Watch larger-than-life Kites fly 25 to 100 feet
  • Live kite-flying demonstrations and lessons for all
  • Kite making workshops
  • Experience and learn tips, tricks, and techniques from several professional kite fliers
  • FREE event open to the public


  • September 2018. Specific dates to be announced


  • Event takes place on the beach near the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island, 1450 Miracle Strip Parkway, Fort Walton Beach, FL

Additional Information:

  • Event is weather-dependent. Check the Kitty Hawk Kites website at for the latest news, updates, and event information
  • All ages, skill levels, and kites are welcome

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